Ossa Gasket Center Case Gasket (Small Style Crank) 1970-77

Ossa Gasket Center Case Gasket (Small Style Crank) 1970-77
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Ossa Gasket Center Case Gasket (Small Style Crank) 1970-77

Center case gasket for small style crank.NOTE: The Explorer used two different center case gaskets depending on the crankshaft style. The older small diameter crank uses the OW-991-606 and the newer style large diameter crank uses OW-123-215. Most times the cases must be split to determine which gasket is required for the Explorer

  • 1970 Ossa DMR
  • 1970 Ossa Stiletto 175cc
  • 1970 Ossa Pioneer 250cc
  • 1970 Ossa Stiletto 250cc
  • 1971 Ossa Pioneer 250cc
  • 1971 Ossa Pioneer 175cc
  • 1971 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1971 Ossa Stiletto 175cc
  • 1971 Ossa Stiletto 250cc
  • 1971 Ossa Stiletto TT 250cc
  • 1971 Ossa DMR
  • 1972 Ossa Pioneer 250cc
  • 1972 Ossa Pioneer 175cc
  • 1972 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1972 Ossa Stiletto 175cc
  • 1972 Ossa Stiletto 250cc
  • 1972 Ossa Stiletto TT 250cc
  • 1972 Ossa DMR
  • 1973 Ossa Pioneer 175cc
  • 1973 Ossa SDR Six Day Replica
  • 1973 Ossa Explorer 250cc
  • 1973 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1973 Ossa Stiletto 175cc
  • 1973 Ossa Stiletto 250cc
  • 1973 Ossa Stiletto TT 250cc
  • 1974 Ossa Explorer 250cc
  • 1974 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1975 Ossa Explorer 250cc
  • 1975 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1976 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc
  • 1977 Ossa MAR Mick Andrews Replica 250cc


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Werks Gaskets specializes in composite fiber gaskets for vintage motorcycles. Our gaskets meet or exceed OEM specifications and are made from top-quality American materials. We can produce over 12,000 different gaskets on our new CNC flatbed, as well as the ability to custom fabricate the precise Gasket you need. Send us the old Gasket or submit an accurate drawing outline, even a photo with minor dimensions, and we’ll handle the rest. Our goal is to continue building the largest database of motorcycle engine gaskets available for riders, racers, and bike builders alike.

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Werks Gasket Features

  • American gasket material,exceeds Oem spec
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Quality You Can Count on Since 2009

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If you are looking for motorcycle engine gaskets

Call or Email or shop online today to view our inventory of gaskets or learn more about having a gasket custom-made for you and let us help you keep your vintage motorcycle running great for miles.

Werks Gaskets prides itself on shipping to customers in a timely manner but please be aware that packages sent through USPS may require more time to be delivered.


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