About Us

Since late 70's Cal-lab were the only ones building aluminum heat treated swingarms, Motogpwerks resurrected cal-fab USA Brand has been setting the worldwide standard in custom vintage swingarm manufacturing. Here at Motogpwerks we build more vintage aftermarket swingarms than anyone on the planet, and for three good reasons: Quality, Performance, Value.

Our quality begins in the manufacturing process. All arms are made "in house" at our facility using our exclusive tested bridged extruded aluminum alloy material along with precision cnc machined billet components. These parts are then hand fit and assembled using the most technically advanced welding system available today. We are also the only swingarm company that still heat treats to a 2 Stage process to provide the best swingarm for high powered vintage motorcycles with the same look as yester year.

The performance of our products is legendary, since the mid 70's racers around the world have trusted the name "Cal-Fab" to give them the advantage they need to perform at the top level of their sport. Our value speaks for itself, when you make an investment in the customizing of your vintage or race motorcycle, rest assured you are getting the most for your money. Here at motogpwerks our swingarms are built to stand the test of time, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Cal-fab also manufactures exhaust, race brake calipers and a line off vintage performance products.

The passion Motogpwerks have for prototyping and manufacturing high quality motorcycle exhausts and silencers has made them the idea choice supplier for classic Japanese and some British motorcycle stainless exhaust full systems.

Motogpwerks can proudly say that their products are 100% USA. From the raw material to the finished product, nearly every aspect of small production is within the Motogpwerks which means that Motogpwerks can apply their high-quality control standards at every step of the way.

After the initial prototyping every model of exhaust is dyno tested before being assembled with Motogpwerks modern and consistently updated Dyno jet 250ix machinery.

From the beginning Motogpwerks has injected not only their knowledge from Moriwaki ,Yoshimura and FmF as a R&D engineer, but their design and business with passion, being the first small manufacturer to produce 4 into 1 stainless systems for vintage Japanese at a time no-one else would dare to invest. Motogpwerks aims to satisfy the needs of classic Japanese and British motorcycle enthusiasts with a range of high quality affordable stainless exhausts as valid alternatives to the original race equipment off yesteryear.

Summary of the advantages of steel braided brake hoses

  • Steel braided brake hoses with ABE (General Operating Permit)/ Spare parts certificate
  • Constant pressure points of the brakes
  • Constant braking performance over years
  • 999 Model types of brake hoses in standard program
  • Custom-made brake hoses are possible
  • Complete kits with distribution boxes, also for quads
  • Versatile looks instead of only black
  • Has proved itself under the toughest conditions
  • Prompt delivery for all products

The best way to service your Vintage Motorcycle is by ensuring the parts you use are the best ones. The same can be said for the gaskets you use. When you buy gaskets from Werks Gaskets, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you order. The parts are important when it comes to the classics. Werks Gaskets produces all gaskets in shop from high quality composite fiber material which meet or exceed OEM specs.

  • Premium vintage gaskets, made in house at Patriot Racing industries
  • Fluid resistance found in our layered fiber gaskets provide excellent seal ability in a variety of environments under short duration temperatures.
  • Using only the finest USA made gasket material
  • 1921-2012, 350+ models 4000 available gaskets
  • 24hrs turnaround from a placed order
  • 0.010-0.030 Gasket gauge, custom orders