1981-1984 GSX1100 GS1100 Katana "Catch Oil Can" SILVER

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Here are the 'NEW' SUPERBIKE GS1100 GSX1100 GSx1100e Catch Can Replica straight from calfab R&D; after 12 months of testing .These are the best on the market for any vintage Suzuki  street or vintage superbike

*Brake lines ,exhausts ,race components

Highest quality materials and construction

On tracks across the country, Classic professional racers rely on the strength of Calfab swingarms since 1970's. If you are serious about racing and trying to save weight, the best 100% USA-made swingarm  on the market!

Calfab can proudly say that their products are 100% USA. From the raw material to the finished product, nearly every aspect of small production is within the Calfab, which means that Calfab can apply their high-quality control standards at every step of the way. After the initial prototyping, every swingarm model is  tested before being assembled with Motogpwerks modern and constantly machinery.

From the beginning, Calafb has injected not only their knowledge from Moriwaki, Yoshimura, and FMF as an R&D engineer, but their design and business with passion, being the only small manufacturer to produce Heat Treated swingarms for vintage Japanese at a time no-one else would dare to invest. Calfab aims to satisfy the needs of classic Japanese and British motorcycle enthusiasts with a range of high-quality, affordable swingarms as valid alternatives to the original race equipment off yesteryear.



  • Catch can, alloy  6061 (black) 
  • Fluid slight glass
  • All hardware is included
  • The unit fit's in replaces the front Sprocket cover
  • Gearshaft billet mount 
  • Made with USA Alloy 6061

  • Period correct look from that era
  • Standard and Custom designs
  • When in stock Shipped in 36hrs.
  • 90 day Warranty
  • 100% Made in the USA.


Quality You Can Count on Since 1970's

Assembled in the USA,our current building is directly over the road from Calfab from the 80's 'so the branch doesn't fall too far from the tree.The swingarms are built with a modern alloy that goes through a 6x stage process, including a two-stage heat treating to come to the final product. Any Swingarms built from the '80s are usually soft due to the stages or lack of heat-treated stages during that era. Also, many were misaligned. A lot of thought went into the new calfab Extrusion has a cross brace internal to counter twisting for entering corners and exiting corners


'Hand Crafted ' Manufactured in orange county at Motogpwerks under the trademark 'Calfab,' I have built a wide section off swingarms from GSX1100, GS1000,kZ, H1-H2, RD, RZ, CBX.CB750F-1100 CB750K,Cb400f and everything in between.

  • Calfab swingarm kits are for Vintage Superbikes or Vintage street bikes.Period Correct fitment with the look off yesteryear.
  • All of our components are either made in USA materials and to the highest standards.
  • All Exhausts are non-EPA friendly and are for the purpose of close course competition. They are period exhausts from the 1970-the 1980s, but due to the CARB and EPA current regulations, these exhaust systems are not legal to be used on public roads,All of our exhaust kits are made to US-model specifications. If you have a non-US model bike, it is your responsibility to ensure fitment.

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